October 11, 2013

My awesome Back workout…

I am always switching up my workouts and trying new things.  Yesterday I trained Back so hard that today it’s difficult to lift my arms over my head!  I love that feeling.  Here is a photo of what I use during every workout.  This is what my workout consisted of…

1.  Wide-grip Pull ups w/ 10 second negative

*Superset the following 3 exercises:

2.  Underhand Lat pull downs

3.  Rope press downs

4.  Bilateral high cable rows

Superset the following 3 exercises:

5.  Narrow-grip Pull ups w/ 10 second negative

6.  Bent over rows w/ Hex bar

7.  Decline dumbbell pullovers

8.  Hammer Strength one-arm rows

I did 4 sets of each exercise adding weight to each set.  Give it a try!  Happy Friday.

Pre-Back workout


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