October 26, 2013

Leg training today with Carla at QUADS Gym…

Today I had the pleasure of meeting and training Carla.  Last week I was contacted by her husband who wanted to surprise his wife with training sessions with me at Quads Gym for her birthday.  How thoughtful is that?!  Carla is an aspiring figure competitor so I put her through a crazy 28 set leg workout at Quads Gym.  She hung in there and gave it her all.  Great job, girl!  She deserved a t-shirt for her efforts.  It says “I train like a girl; try to keep up”.  I look forward to working with you again, Carla, and getting you ready for the stage in the near future.  Happy Birthday!

Carla & Me-Quads

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October 25, 2013

30 set leg workout…

Want to try a crazy quad workout?  Looking back at the days I was fortunate enough to train with my friend, Milos Sarcev, at the Koloseum Gym in Fullerton, CA, I like to destroy my quads as Milos used to do on a regular basis.  I remember asking one of the guys in our training group how many reps would I do on the Hack squat.  He told me to go until Milos said stop and to not even think about stopping before that.  They would keep adding plates in the middle of my set and I just had to take it.  I recall being on that machine for quite sometime but I refused to give up.  I remember Milos telling me that if I made a face or showed any sign of struggle, I had to start the set over because that shows weakness.  To this day I train with a straight face no matter how difficult it gets.  Thanks Milos!  You are by far the best I’ve ever worked with and you taught me so much!


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October 21, 2013

Another win for Fitness on Fire…

Fitness on Fire would like to congratulate Karen for her win this past weekend at the Badger State Physique Championship in Wisconsin.  Karen won 1st & Overall in the Womens Open Physique division AND 1st & Overall in the Womens Masters Physique division.  Congratulations on a job well done!  So proud of your hard work and dedication!


Karen @ showKaren WI show 1Karen WI show 2


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October 16, 2013

My client of the week…

My client, Kathleen, came to me earlier this year wanting to get in shape with the hopes of someday competing in a Figure competition.  We are now one month out from her very first competition.  Kathleen has worked so hard and I am very proud of her dedication and determination to achieve her goals.  She will be competing in the upcoming Midwest Ironman Figure Championship in Chicago, IL, on November 2.  I know she will do awesome and be a great representative of me and Fitness on Fire.  Check out her transformation…and we are not done yet!  You go girl!

Kathleen 4_Fotor_Collage

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October 14, 2013

My Mom’s Birthday party…

Spent the weekend with my Mom and sisters in WI for my Mom’s 63rd birthday.  Had a great time with you guys.  So nice to see you all!  Love ya!

Mom's party Oct 13

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My latest certification…

I’m very excited to receive my latest certification from John Parrillo.  This year I was honored to be able to attend John’s weekend certification workshop (part 1) at the Parrillo Performance Center in Ohio.  Since then I have completed and passed the exam (part 2) and am proud to implement what I have learned from him in my own training and that of my clients.  I can’t wait for John to hold another Extreme Training Camp; but I have to admit after the calve beating he gave me I am a bit nervous.  Thanks for all you do, John.  I appreciate you and Dominique very much!

Parrillo cert

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October 11, 2013

My awesome Back workout…

I am always switching up my workouts and trying new things.  Yesterday I trained Back so hard that today it’s difficult to lift my arms over my head!  I love that feeling.  Here is a photo of what I use during every workout.  This is what my workout consisted of…

1.  Wide-grip Pull ups w/ 10 second negative

*Superset the following 3 exercises:

2.  Underhand Lat pull downs

3.  Rope press downs

4.  Bilateral high cable rows

Superset the following 3 exercises:

5.  Narrow-grip Pull ups w/ 10 second negative

6.  Bent over rows w/ Hex bar

7.  Decline dumbbell pullovers

8.  Hammer Strength one-arm rows

I did 4 sets of each exercise adding weight to each set.  Give it a try!  Happy Friday.

Pre-Back workout


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October 10, 2013

Morning HIIT followed by Meat & Nuts Breakfast…

Today I started my day with 30 minutes of fasted High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on my stair stepper.  HIIT describes any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity; or even complete rest.  For example, I choose the Interval program on my stair stepper at level 7.  Every 90 seconds the speed switches from very fast to a moderate speed.  Research shows you can achieve more progress in a mere 15 minutes of interval training (done three times a week) than jogging on the treadmill for an hour!

Afterwards, this is my meat & nuts breakfast (6oz. Bison & 1 oz. Dry Roasted Almonds), 1 serving organic greens & supplements.  How did you start your day?

Meat & Nuts

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October 9, 2013

My week at TTC in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Last week I spent the week in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, learning from my friend, Charles Poliquin, and Tony Parra, owner of The Training Club (TTC).  Learned some new training techniques and trained Shoulders and Legs with Tony.  Thank you everyone at TTC for welcoming me.


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My supplement tackle box…

This is how I organize my daily supplements.  This is what I take according to my BioSignature assessment.  Have you had yours done?  This is a great way for me to stay organized and always have my supps with me throughout the day.   No more opening several bottles at each meal.  What a pain!  This is what I take according to my BioSignature assessment.  Have you had yours done?

Just to warn you…make sure the latches are closed tightly.  I once had it open in my bag and supplements were everywhere!  All white, of course, so no way of telling what is what.  Ugh!

Blog photos

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